iTALK 220

The iTALK 220 is popular with managers and supervisors who need to communicate to any radio in their group in private. It provides flexible ways of connecting through WiFi, 4G and 3G. The radio’s NFC and Bluetooth function modules bring more possibilities for extended use, like guard patrol options.

Remote programming over the air allows modified parameters to be sent to radios via 2G/3G/4G networks automatically. Supporting basic functions of professional two-way radio, like voice services (all call/ group call/private call alert call etc); text message; tone alert (incoming call/outgoing call/text message/talk permit/low battery/emergency panic) and more.

Advanced over the air features include kill/stun/revive, radio monitor and ambience listening. iTALKPTT Two Way Radios software includes monitoring/recording and a unique guard patrolling system.

IP65 Protection Design (splash-proof)