Dispatcher Software

Using our iTALKPTT Two Way Radios Dispatcher website, clients can now set up a control room in minutes. There is no need to download any software on a computer. Using Google Chrome as browser, the dispatcher software is accessible via any computer, tablet or smart phone. Only available to clients using the Kirisun iTALKPTT Two Way Radios radios, is it now possible to track, manage, and communicate with your radios globally from any Internet point.

Radio GPS positions are pinpointed on maps or satellite images and just by clicking on the radio icon, the client can see the current radio channel details, online/offline status, battery level, radio SIM card phone number and Latitude / Longitude. In remote areas where cellular coverage is poor, it is possible to enable the WiFi and use the radios via WIFI and Internet links. Your own computer and Internet reach is the only limitation to global communications. Historical conversations and tracking is available by just selecting the time, date and device.

Reports are available at the click of a button. You can find the Battery History Report, On/Off Line Report, Panic Report, GeoFence Report, Private Call History Report and Ping Report.