Benefits of iTALKPTT

Cost Reduction

Clients do not need to spend any money building and maintaining a radio repeater network.
iTALKPTT Two Way Radios Radios does not require an ICASA frequency licence as they work through cellular infrastructure.
National coverage for a fixed monthly fee.

Long Distance Communications

With conventional two-way radio communication over a long distance being difficult, traditionally you would need repeaters to expand your radio coverage. With iTALKPTT Two Way Radios, you can now communicate with your team nationally and internationally.

Instant Communications

With just a press of a button iTALKPTT Two Way Radios Two-Way Radios allows you to instantly communicate over distances. iTALKPTT Two Way Radios is a private, closed network using a high level of encryption on cloud-based servers, securing your private data and communications.

Digital Sound Quality

You will be able to experience superior digital sound quality even in the harshest environments.

Panic Feature

iTALKPTT Two Way Radios Radios include a panic button. When activated, all devices are alerted.

Over the Air Programming

Programming of additional channels or any other functions are done over the air without having to send the radio to the iTALK workshop.