About iPTT Africa

Unlike conventional two-way radios, iTALKPTT Two Way Radios are not limited in coverage and do not require repeaters and base stations. The use of existing cellular infrastructure and the latest digital technology, ensures clearer and more reliable, global digital communication.

iTALKPTT Two Way Radios radios are ICASA approved, but the end user does not need an ICASA frequency license. It makes use of national digital two-way radio technology without investing in infrastructure. Our data system roams seamlessly across cellular networks, offering continental coverage, GPS tracking, voice dispatch and call recording.

Clients pay a fixed monthly fee for unlimited talk time, national cover and Internet-based dispatcher software. Our dispatcher software, www.za.italkpttweb.com, is ideal for all control rooms that need to be in contact with their staff and sites 24/7 no matter the location. iTALKPTT Two Way Radios radios allow for individual calls as well as group and inter-group calls. This group and radio information can be programmed over the air, which means that there is no need to bring the radio into the office.

The dispatcher also offers geo-fencing; alerting the control room when a radio leaves a site. The control room can also monitor the route, speed and location of vehicles. The system allows radios to be stunned by the control room should a radio go missing. All of this information is stored on our servers for a period allowing for easy retrieval.